PO-1001P wide


PO-1001P wide

Linear & Circular Polarization

Displays are Selectable













Highest quality POLA Screen

We produce both Linear and Circular type pola screen of full HD sesolution, high contrast, true color, wide pola viewing angle.











Various Visual Charts & Function

Number, Randolt C, Tumbling E , HOTV Letters, Sloan Letters, English Letters chart, Children chart.



Flexible Software

Android O/S allows users make good use of our chart system. Please find out many advantageous functions.



Easy Software update

software version can be automatically upgraded only using USB port.

Compatibility with other medical devices

Three USB 2.0 ports, 100 megabit LAN port, two COM port is available to support easy connectivity with other devices, and medical computing applications that can satisfy the needs of the solution.

Light Weight

Total Set weight is about 4kg or under.

Cheapest Price Ever

We are offering best quality chart at most affordable price. Please contact us for quote

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